Hymyileviä opiskelijoita.

A record number of international applicants to Savonia University of Applied Sciences

The first joint application of 2023 for Savonia University of Applied Sciences ended on January 18th at 15:00 Finnish time. The application round was for the degree programs in English.

The number of international applicants continued to grow. There were a total of 8343 applicants. In the first joint application of 2022, there were 5,959 applicants.

The most applications came from Nigeria, Bangladesh and Nepal. Based on the number of applications, the most popular degree program was International Business (2952 applicants). Thank you to everyone who applied to Savonia!

Degree programs open for application were:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology (Internet of Things)
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management
  • Bachelor of Health Care, Registered Nurse
  • Master of Health Care, Digital Health
  • Master of Engineering, Digital Health
  • Master of Business Administration, Digital Health

Timetable for Joint Application

Bachelor’s degree programmes

Master’s degree programmes

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