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Course Description

NameSocial Youth Work and Media Education
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe student is able to
- Describe youth life situations and identify risks for social exclusion as well as encounter youth in different life situations
- Explain the main goals of related legislation and explain approaches in social youth work
- Identify key collaborators in youth work and understand youth work as multiprofessional cooperation
- Describe service system available for youth
- Describe the possibilities enabled by social media and challenges caused by social media for the growth and development of youth as well as recognise the potential of media education in developing youth work
Content- Youth as a stage of life through research, living conditions of youth in Finland, youth cultures
- Basics of youth work and youth work environments
- Support of youth life management and well-being, service systems, networks
- Risks for social exclusion of youth and their prevention by means of social youth work, strengthening of the participation of youth and designing of participatory culture
- Media education and media culture in the lives of youth and in youth work
RequirementsContact lessons, assignments or group work, study visits, project studies, assessed assignment or exam. Options: 1) Active participation in lessons, a pair or group work and/or exam on lecture material. 2) Independent study, completing assignments independently and studying course material for exam.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course material
Other Considerations
ContactPolón Mira


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