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Course Description

NameDevelopment and Management and Leadership in Social Services and Early Childhood Education
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe student is able to
- Describe the importance of administrative, legal and financial framework to management and leadership
- Explain the basics of financing and financial planning
- Describe the main challenges and trends and their impact on client work
- Understand the role of quality management and quality work in developing work
- Analyse organisational operations and areas for development
- Utilize research and various development methods
- Use creative problem-solving skills when developing new practices in welfare services
Content- The organising and production procedures of social, education and culture services, operational and financial planning
- Management, leadership and quality management
- The third sector and private companies as service providers
- Development of user-oriented welfare services
- Innovation and development tools
- Service design, cost accounting, pricing and budgeting
- Marketing thinking and methods in the work community
- Organisational culture and learning organisation
- Student’s own professional development and career planning in the changing environment
RequirementsParticipation in contact lessons, assessed assignment on management and leadership, other assignments and exercises, group work, exam, personal learning environment (PLE) synthesis
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course material
PrerequisitesThe course is to be completed near the end of the studies (term 6 or 7)
Other Considerations
ContactWaldén Anne


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