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Course Description

NameProfessional Training (Orientation)
Credits10 ects
ObjectivesThe student is able to
- Identify the clients’ individual life situations
- Understand the client’s subjectivity in client – worker situations
- Apply a structured and goal-oriented work approach
- Develop his or her own interaction and guidance skills
- Use reflective work approach to assess his or her own work
- Analyse the core tasks of working activities in the workplace
- Understand objectives for work in social services and their social background
Content- Client work
- Structured and goal-oriented work approach
- Subjectivity
- Interaction and guidance skills
- Reflective work approach
- Work in social services and the social background of core tasks
RequirementsWork practice and participation in the tutoring days during the practice
Grading ScalePassed (S) - 0
Course material
PrerequisitesPassing of 30 ECTS credits before starting the internship
Other ConsiderationsThe courses SSOHAR1A 10 ECTS credits and SSOHAR1B 5 ECTS credits form a module of 15 ECTS credits. The student’s work: work practice 10 weeks is equivalent to 350 hours (35 h / week), assignments on work practice 34 h and AVEKKI practice for preventing and managing violent situations at work 16 h. Participation in professional growth peer group sessions during the internship.
ContactPolón Mira


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.