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DM20SP Degree Programme in Music

This curriculum is a translation of the curriculum of the Finnish degree program.

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Curriculum responsibility: Sari Mokkila-Karttunen

Basis of Education

Specific grounds of the training programme

Graduates of the Degree Programme in Music will obtain a Polytechnic Bachelor degree and acquire the qualification of Teacher of Music (AMK). The scope of the qualification comprises 240 ECTS credit points and the anticipated duration of the studies is 4 years. The skills achieved through the training correspond to the jointly defined standards of higher education within the European Union, which allows for the movement of workforce and specialists.

The training programme of music pedagogue comprises two alternative curricula, one focused on classical music and the other on popular music genres. The training offers students solid pedagogic capabilities, technical and interpretative mastery of the student’s own instrument and a good all-round musical education with a broad basic training, applicable to various working environments. Students are encouraged to build their creativity along with developing their identity as teachers and artists. The training generates a readiness for lifelong learning, including on-going professional development, as well as an international and dynamic approach to work. The training programme also offers a basic training in entrepreneurial activities and entrepreneurial spirit.


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.