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DM20SP Degree Programme in Music

This curriculum is a translation of the curriculum of the Finnish degree program.

Methods and implementation

Implementation of training

The preliminary skills and knowledge level of each student will be taken into account in drawing up the personal study programme (PSP; in Finnish - HOPS), by suggesting alternative ways for taking study courses and by tailoring study assignments to each individual’s learning needs. The training emphasizes co-operation and self-direction skills, essential in the work of a teacher of music (AMK). Part of the studies are carried out jointly and by combining various fields of operation, for example, joint productions with dance pedagogy students and students from other departments of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

All the staff in our unit have excellent language skills. When required, every teacher can lead their lessons in English, and a few of them can also teach in Russian. If there are exchange students in a study group, tuition will be given both in Finnish and English. Student counselling can be provided in both Finnish and in English, depending on the needs of the student.


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.