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Course Description

Code4 STYSV02
NameSwedish Language in Social and Health Care and Customer-oriented Communication
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesUpon completing the course, the student can
- use written and oral Swedish in his or her work tasks as required by Act 149/22
- present his or her professional field in Swedish in writing and orally
- describe special competence of his or her profession and its role in multiprofessional cooperation
- present operational principles of multiprofessional cooperation and cooperation networks
ContentField-specific core competence and presentation of one’s own work and work environment in Swedish (material and glossary). Interviews with and supervision of different customers in Swedish in customer situations, bilingual Finland as a work environment. Concept of multiprofessionalism, needs and significance of multiprofessionalism in social services and health care. Networks as providers of well-being, bilingual Finland as a work environment
RequirementsOral and written test in Swedish, planning and preparation of material in a cooperative manner under the teacher’s supervision.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialTUUNANEN, Maria & WALLINHEIMO, Kirsi. 2013. Flexvård - Svenska för högskolor, Helsinki: Otava. Other material to be announced at the beginning of the course.
PrerequisitesNo prerequisite studies
Other Considerations
ContactKaartinen Pekka, Kumpulainen Marjatta


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