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Degree Programme of Physiotherapy

This curriculum is a translation of the curriculum of the Finnish degree program.

Competence Standards

In physiotherapist training, the goal is for the graduating physiotherapist to have extensive and strong clinical expertise in rehabilitation and physiotherapy. She has a preventive approach to work as well as the rehabilitation and entrepreneurship skills of the elderly. A physiotherapist naturally applies knowledge, develops and evaluates his or her own skills and has the skills for continuous learning. The physiotherapist's competence consists of renewable and multidisciplinary knowledge, practical competence, ethics, as well as network competence and interaction skills. Activities should be based on researched information and evidence. The physiotherapist has the necessary skills to utilize and change research in the development of professional activities. Multi-professionalism requires both the special expertise of one's own profession and the expansion of individual expertise into community expertise.

Physiotherapist training is at level 6 according to the European and Finnish Qualification Framework.

The physiotherapist's competence profile consists of competencies. The general qualifications (competencies) of those who have completed a polytechnic degree have been defined at Savonia University of Applied Sciences in accordance with the statement of the Rector's Council of Universities of Applied Sciences (ARENE).


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.