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Course Description

Code4 TFMEN32
NamePhysiotherapy Methods 3
Credits5 ects
Objectivesapply and evaluate guidance and therapy practices in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation of older adults
justify his/her choice with researched information
analyze, select and change individual movement control methods if necessary
uses teaching and guidance methods in a versatile and justified way
analyze his/her own teaching and supervision skills
define and apply the etiology, diagnostic methods, symptoms and treatment methods of psychiatric and geriatric diseases to physiotherapy practices
ContentPhysiotherapy for older adults
Physiotherapeutic guidance and counseling
RequirementsContact teaching, online work and independent study. A theory test for physiotherapy for physiotherapy for older adults or other assesment method agreed at the beginning of the course (teaching and supervision skills and physiotherapt for older adults). Exam (psychiatry). Exam (geriatrics)
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialCaplan, G. 2014. Geriatric medicine: an introduction. Melbourne: IP Communications. Videbeck, S.L.2014. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. 6th edition. Philadelphia. LWW.bastable, S. 2017. Essential of patient education. 2nd edition. Jones & Bartlett Learning: Burlington. Articles in English. E-materials: Caplan, G.2014 Geriatric medicine: an introduction. Melbourne: IP Communcations. Cuccione, A., Wong, R and Avers, d. 2012.
Other Considerations
ContactÄijö Marja


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