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Course Description

NameRadiological Examinations of Skull and Rehabilitative Oral Health Care
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe student
• follows radiation protection legislation in his or her work
• explains intraoral radiography
• explains the utility of diagnostic radiography in care needs assessment
• explains the main features of the radiographic anatomy of teeth and jaws
• understands the factors negatively affecting the masticatory system
• describes the symptoms of masticatory dysfunction
• explains the physiotherapeutic treatment methods for temporomandibular disorders
• describes his or her role in a prosthodontic care team and explains the purpose of prosthodontic care in the masticatory system rehabilitation
ContentPhysical, chemical and biological properties of x-rays. Radiation legislation. STUK (The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland). Radiography machines and equipment. General principles of radiation protection: justification, optimisation and individual dose limits. Radiation protection methods and equipment. Bitewing radiography and panoramic radiography. Basic principles of diagnostic radiography. Indications for prosthodontic care and various prosthodontic solutions. Oral health check-up for a prosthodontic patient. Oral self-care counselling for prosthodontic patients. Status recordings and periodic oral health check-ups. Typical symptoms of craniomandipular dysfunction. Physiotherapeutic treatment methods.
RequirementsIndependent studies and completion of assignments, an exam.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialDARBY M.L. WALSH M. 2010 Dental hygiene: Theory and practice, 3 rd ed. (ss 1044-1059, 1076-1110). Saunders: Elsevier.
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