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Course Description

NameIntership 7: Developing Angioraphic and Radiological Measures
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe student
- guides, counsels and monitors patients of different ages and provides care for them during angiographic examinations and radiological procedures
- masters the safe use of iodinated contrast media and medicaments
- follows the principles of radiation protection and patient and work safety
- evaluates angiographic images in view of a successful examination and procedure
- performs technical quality assurance measurements and explains the importance of the results for angiographic imaging
-finds further information on angiographic examinations and radiological procedures
- is able to assess his or her professional skills and competence in angiographic examinations and radiological procedures
- prepares a Visual CV for job seeking purposes
Content- angiographic examinations and radiological procedures
- a Visual CV
RequirementsInternship in the angiographic imaging departments of central and university hospitals, writing down the starting level and objectives in a blog, assessment of one’s own learning and skills
Assignment: A process description of a chosen angiographic examination or radiological procedure OR a development task assigned by a working life representatives OR an evidence-based assignment
Grading ScalePassed (S) - 0
Course materialInternship instructions
PrerequisitesProfessional studies
Other Considerations
ContactLaitinen Kaija


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