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Course Description

Code4 TBPAT9
NameClinical Histology and Sytology, Practice
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesUpon completing the course, the student
- knows the concepts of clinical histology and cytology and can explain the basics of the studies and their areas of use
- can evaluate the validity and reliability of histological and cytological samples
- can apply the histological and cytological sampling process in his or her work and knows the various work stages
- can define and recognise the most typical tissues as well as histological and cytological cells
- can work safely and well in a histological and cytological laboratory
- understands histological and cytological laboratory tests as part of patient care
ContentImplementation of basic studies in clinical histology and cytology
RequirementsCentral hospital practice with minimum level description and personal objectives in a blog, self-evaluation and feedback discussion as well as completion of supervised practice
Grading ScalePassed (S) - 0
Course materialBancroft J., Stevens A. 1996. Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques (4th or newer edition) Churchill Livingstone. Tokyo (as applicable)
Frilander R., Heikkinen R., Laurila A., Ruotsi S. 2002. Gynekologisen irtosolunäytteen tutkiminen, Pohjois-Savon ammattikorkeakoulu, Sosiaali- ja terveysala
Kuopio Markus Mäkinen, Olli Carpén, Veli-Matti Kosma, Veli-Pekka Lehto, Timo Paavonen, Frej Stenbäck (ed.) Patologia.2012. Sanderson J. B. 1994. Biological Microtechnique. BIOS Scientific Publishers Limited. Oxford (as applicable).
Rantala I., Lounatmaa K. (ed.) 1998. Biologinen valomikroskopia. Yliopistopaino. Helsinki.
Schroderus, A-M. & Tiilikainen, R. 2013. Learning material of clinical histology. Thesis. Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Field-specific national and international articles and publications (as applicable)
PrerequisitesAnatomy and physiology 1 and 2, Chemistry 1 and 2
Biochemistry, Molecular biology and cell biology, Laboratory equipment and work methods
Sampling, Clinical histology and cytology, theory and practice in Savonia’s laboratory class
Other ConsiderationsIt is recommended that the practice which enhances professional competence should be completed non-stop or in no more than two parts. It is possible to complete the practice in Finland and/or abroad, e.g. in Kempen (Belgium), Baraton (Kenya), Kaunas (Lithuania), Umeå (Sweden), Debrecen (Hungary), Maputo (Mozambique) or Innsbruck, Salzburg or Vienna (Austria).
ContactMähönen Anssi


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