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Curricula starting in 2022 and earlier

Technology, Kuopio
Technology, Varkaus
Design, Kuopio
Business, Kuopio
Music and Dance, Kuopio
Tourism and Hospitality
Social Services and Health Care, Kuopio
Social Services and Health Care, Iisalmi
Natural resources, Iisalmi
Multidisciplinary Studies

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Basis of Education Competence Standards Structure of Studies Development of Expertise Methods and implementation Course Table

TYDI21SY Master's Degree Programme in Digital Health

Course Table

A = Autumn, S = Spring, SU = Summer
Code Name 1 A 1 S 1 SU 2 A 2 S 3 A 3 S
Advanced Professional Studies
Specialised Professional Studies
4 TYDI031 Managing Digitalised Health Services, Procurement Contracts, Protocols, Certified Devices and Health Care Law 5            
4 TYDI04 Security and Ethical Approaches in Digitalised Health Services 5            
4 TYDI021 Integration of Mobile and IoT Applications   5          
4 TYDI061 Use Cases and Personalised Health   5          
4 TYDI01 Leadership and Technology in Supporting Staff and Client Participation       5      
4 TYDI05 Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Entrepreneurship       5      
Elective studies, master level
Common Professional Studies
4 X991008 Working and Studying in International Environment 5 (NonStop)
4 X991012 Digitalised Working Environment 5 (NonStop)
4 X991050 Business in Digital Health 5            
4 X991054 Successful Organisation 5 (NonStop)
4 X991056 Innovation Knowledge 5 (NonStop)
4 X991058 Expertise and Supervisory Work 5 (NonStop)
4 X9910601 Strategic Project Knowledge 5 (NonStop)
4 X991062 Strategic Thinking and Future Orientation 5 (NonStop)
4 X991064 Service Design     5        
4 X991066 Sustainable development in changing climate, what has it to do with me? 5 (NonStop)
Final Thesis
4 SAVMONT Thesis         30    
   5 SAVMONT50  Research Methods and Academic Writing 5            
   5 SAVMONT250  Thesis Implementation   25          


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.