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Course Description

Code4 ERXT860
NameCivil Engineering Project 2 (block of flats)
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesAfter completing the course, the student is familiar with the building and structural design of an apartment building project, geotechnical design, building fire safety, building physics, project costing, site technology and site design, has practiced English and developed group work, negotiation and meeting skills. He / she is able to act as both a participant and a leader in various group work situations in working life, to prepare the required documents and to evaluate himself / herself as a negotiator.
ContentApartment building design (4 cr):
- Project planning and project management
- Building regulations, building design and visualization
- Fire safety review
- Building physical design
- Chassis design, load calculation basics, dimensioning and structural data modeling, structural drawings
- Design of concrete structures to be cast on site and made as elements
- Construction
- Cost estimation and bid calculation
- Construction site practical management planning
- Construction quality and occupational safety
- Production control, production planning, place-time diagram, RATU
- Site design for foundation works

English (0.5 cr):
- Report writing, project meetings and memos, professional terminology

Communication (0.5 cr):
- Teamwork, negotiation and meeting skills, memo, minutes
RequirementsApartment building design component: Pupils are divided into project groups of a few members. At the beginning of the project, teachers give their project instructions and requirements for the documents to be prepared. The work is done in classes independently and under the guidance of teachers, as well as independently at other times. Each of the team members does work related to each design area.

English component: Pupils work in groups according to the instructions given in lessons, under the guidance of a teacher and at other times independently.

Communication component: Pupils work in groups according to the instructions given, in classes, under the guidance of a teacher and at other times independently.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialThe project instructions in Moodle as well as the initial information and instructions given by each teacher for his or her own part.
Other Considerations
ContactHoutsonen Teppo


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.