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Course Description

Code4 ERAJ820
NameCivil Engineering Project 2 (Infrastructures)
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesRoad Infrastructure (3.5 cr)
The student deepens his / her road design skills and becomes acquainted with the handling of terrain data. The student develops an understanding of communication and information related to the design project.

Zoning (1 cr)
At the level of general planning, the student gets acquainted with land use planning and draws conclusions about the number of inhabitants and traffic in the areas on the basis of sizing standards. The student understands how environmental conditions affect design.

Communication (0.5 cr)
Teamwork, negotiation and meeting skills, memo, minutes
ContentRoad Infrastructure (3.5 cr)
- information acquisition
- road design
- quantity and cost accounting

Zoning (1 cr)
- the environment as a starting point for design
- general formula, assignment
- sizing standards, area efficiency, population, traffic volume

Communication (0.5 cr)
- Pupils carry out the work in groups according to the given instructions in class, under the guidance of the teacher and at other times independently.
RequirementsThe course is completed as project teaching in groups of 3-4 people.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialStudy material will be announced at the beginning of the course.
- Design software tutorials
- Learning material for the road design course
- Residential Spatial Planning, Building Information (chapters to be announced)
- Kuopio zoning review
- Kuopio zoning website, general plans
Other Considerations
ContactHeiskanen Mervi, Pakarinen Juha


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.