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Course Description

Code4 EYA8010
NameProject 1 for Environmental Technology
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe aim of the course is to develop project and teamwork skills, and to help understand the connections between different aspects of environmental technology. The student gets acquainted with the basic phenomena of the ecosystem in a built environment and understands their connection to different parts of society. He learns to look at the built environment, taking into account the boundary conditions of human existence and the sustainable use of natural resources. During the project, students will learn self- and time management skills, teamwork skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills, systematic review and assessment of the environment, and preparation of a technical report.
ContentIn the project the students familiarize themselves with the so-called built environment in small groups. The project is guided both in terms of the content of environmental technology and in terms of oral and written communication (memos, plans, information and reporting). In a small group, the student looks at self-management and time management as one of the team members. During the project, the student encounters several problem-solving situations, in the solution of which the decision-making skills needed in the work community develop. The purpose of the project is to consider the implementation of different dimensions of sustainable development in selected sites and to become more familiar with the ecological dimension. How does the chosen site affect nature, human health and society? How can it be identified and evaluated? What activities does the site have? Do they have any impact on the environment? Why is the site located right there? Has the environment been taken into account in planning the location / activity of the site?

Communication component (1 cr):
- memos, sharing information, reporting
RequirementsThe project group proceeds according to a separate plan, so that the rules of procedure provide the group with a common time for supervision and independent work. The instructors are vocational teachers and a communication teacher. The student's voluntary work and teamwork skills are emphasized in learning and the progress of the project. Project output is reported in writing and orally.

Communication component: Pupils work in groups according to the instructions given, in classes, under the guidance of a teacher and at other times independently.
Grading ScalePassed (S) - 0
Course materialThe material will be distributed to students at the beginning of the course.
Other ConsiderationsEvaluation criteria:

- The student has participated in supervision situations, completed individual assignments and actively participated in the preparation of reports.
- The student is able to independently prepare the bulletin, memo and report required for the project, and understands the importance of sharing information and meetings.
ContactTolvanen Merja


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