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Course Description

Code4 EUE4650
NameSteam Boilers and Power Plant Processes
Credits10 ects
ObjectivesSteam boilers and power plants have largest share of world’s energy production at the moment. At the course the student deepens the know-how about steam boilers and power plants. The student knows the fuels and their combustion properties. The student masters the theory of combustion and combustion calculations. The student is able to calculate the efficiency of a water tube boiler The student knows different combustion- and heat-technical solutions of different steam boilers and operation principals and automation of different steam and combined cycle power plants in brief.

Additionally, the aim of the course is to familiarize the learner to legislation principals and practical requirements of pressure equipment design, operation and maintenance. Legislation of pressure equipment is not restricted to applications of energy technology but the safety aspect is a common feature. This course is related to study program of energy technology and emphasizes especially the know-how of energy technology engineer in areas of personal, equipment and environmental safety.

Additionally, the student has familiarized with power plant and boiler operation and control room operation with power plant training simulator.
Content1. Fuels: properties and their effect on boiler design
2. Heating value of fuel, combustion theory and combustion calculations
3. Combustion methods and equipment and furnace structures
4. Boiler types especially water-steam circulation, water-steam library
5. Steam power plant: basic process, feed water pre-heating, reheating, optimization of steam tapping pressure
6. Steam power plants: combined heat and power plants, condensing power plants (conventional/nuclear power plants) and combined cycle power plants
7. Boiler and heat exchanger structures
8. Steam boiler auxiliary equipment, fuel and ash handling, water handling
9. Power control of steam boiler plant and operational modes
10. Energy economy of steam boiler
11. Steam boiler’s emissions to atmosphere
12. Power plant simulator training
13. Legislation of pressure equipment and key laws and regulations guiding safe production of energy and key international standards guiding the pressure equipment design
RequirementsShall be announced in the beginning of the course
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialShall be announced in the beginning of the course
Other Considerations
ContactHonkanen Teija, Huttunen Jukka, Pyysalo Jarmo


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.