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Course Description

Code4 EUE4671
NameThermal Turbomachines and Auxiliary Devices of Power Plants
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesSteam and gas turbines produce at this moment the biggest part of world's electricity. During this course the student improves his/her knowledge in area of steam and gas turbines and gets to know the auxiliary processes of power plant. After this course the student knows steam and gas turbine structures and operational differences. Student also understands flow dynamic problems that appear in steam and gas turbines and know ways how to try to solve and decrease effects of these kind of problems. Student can calculate basic calculations concerning gas and steam turbines and compressing air as well as basic calculations to find out steam and gas turbines' power and efficiency. Student also understands auxiliary devices and processes that are a part of functioning steam and gas turbine system.
Content- Introduction of course
- Steam- and gas turbines
- Boiler auxilary systems (related to steam turbines)
- Steam turbine structures
- Turbine structural differencies
- Steam turbine control, operation and measurements
- Steam turbine calculations
Requirements power and efficiency
- Gas turbines and gas turbine structures
- Gas turbine calculations
Grading ScalePassed - 0
Course material0 - 5
Other Considerations


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