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Course Description

Code4 EUS4650
NameProcess, instrumentation and automation technology
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesObjectives of the course are the student knows the requirements set by the energy processes for instrumentation and knows the functions and selection criteria of different field devices. Student is able to use the functions made possible by automation technology in the control of energy-producing processes and is familiar with the characteristics and operation of automation systems. The student becomes acquainted with the properties of measuring devices required by different processes and is able to dimension the right type of device for each object. He knows how to select the various actuators needed in process control and is able to dimension them correctly. The types of signals and the cabling, buses and wireless connections required to transmit measurement messages become familiar. The interface units of the devices and the processing and editing of messages between the systems are learned on a practical level.
Content- Use of PI&D diagrams
- Documents in instrumentation and automation
- Instrumentation symbols and KKS and letter markings
- Use of AutoCAD in documentation management
- Process requirements in the selection and dimensioning of field equipment
- Cabling, buses and signal types
- Distributed or centralized automation and its requirements
- Standards, safety requirements and safety logic
- The starting point for the design is the field, cross-connection and control room
- Technical characteristics and accuracies of measuring instruments and connections
- Selection of actuators and dimensioning of control valves
- Comos software and its use in instrumentation
- Structure and functions of the automation system
- Process control, operation and management
RequirementsProject work is done at the educational institution and in an industrial environment where possible. The work is guided and its progress is monitored through exercises in Moodle and class assignments.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialInstrumentation in Energy Industry by Harri Heikura
Comos in Instrumentation exercises
Teacher’s Special papers in Moodle
Other Considerations
ContactHeikura Harri


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.