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Course Description

Code4 EUE4670
NameHeat and Electric Supply
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe student knows technical basic solutions related to energy transfer and distribution. The student is able to calculate heat and electricity demand of buildings and to estimate the fluctuations in consumption. The student knows the structure of district heating network and the basics related to its design. The student has basic information of designing and dimensioning of the pipe network and of heat loss calculation. The student knows different district heating plants and their connections to district heating and cooling network. The student knows also other alternative heat production solutions like heat pumps, solar collectors etc. The student understands also district cooling’s as well as other low energy building solutions’ impact on building’s heating and cooling network solutions. The student knows the structure of Finnish and Nordic electric grid. The student understands the meaning of intelligent grid solutions and small-scale electricity production on electricity transfer grid.
ContentDefinition of building’s energy consumption
Consumer equipment for district heating and cooling and their connections
Structure and design of district heating network
Design, insulation and heat losses of district heating pipelines
District heating plants and their connections to district heating (and cooling) network
Combined heat and power plants
Other sources of heating and cooling and heat storage
Finnish and Nordic electric grid structure
Intelligent grid and small-scale electricity production
Intelligent measuring systems
Wind and solar power production
Charging functions with lowest possible consumer price
Intelligent grid directing electricity generation both ways
RequirementsShall be announced in the beginning of the course
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialShall be announced in the beginning of the course
Other Considerations
ContactHuhtinen Markku


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