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Course Description

Code4 X991062
NameStrategic Thinking and Future Orientation
Credits5 ects
- is able to describe both the meaning of strategic thinking and continuous renewal in relation to the vision of organisation and in development of competitiveness
- is able to choose new strategic approaches during organisational changes and renewal processes.
- is able to recognize/anticipate the changes happening in the organisational environment.
- has readiness to adapt methods of anticipation, and foresees the future trends of
(working) organisation.
Content- Strategic thinking and visioning
- Analysis of industry and anticipation of the future as part of strategic thinking
- Scenarios as working method
- Future information as part of leadership and management, and in decision making
RequirementsLearning tasks, short presentation
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialRelevant, topical literature and articles, Moodle environment.
Other ConsiderationsThis course has an equal content with the course Strateginen ajattelu ja toimialan tulevaisuus.
Haapakoski Markku


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