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Course Description

Code5 SAVMONT250
NameThesis Implementation
Credits25 ects
ObjectivesThe student can
- choose a thesis topic justified for his/her professional development and justify the choice from different perspectives
- carry out work-related Master-level research and development based on the needs of the user / subscriber.
- apply scientific and evidence-based knowledge to the thesis process and to develop his/her own expertise.
- make appropriate use of research and development or artistic methods appropriate to profession and to the subject of thesis.
- produce a clearly defined, logical and professional report of his/her thesis.
- evaluate the essential contents, results or outputs of thesis and justify relevance in the context of his/her own field, the needs of the subscriber / user and the development of his/her own expertise.
- design and implement a thesis description and complete it as a work plan
Content- independent preparation of the thesis
- guidance related to the different stages of the thesis
- results / output of the thesis
- presentation of the work at the seminar
Requirements- independent work, information acquisition
Grading ScalePassed - 0
Course materialThe student acquires the material needed for the thesis
Reporting instructions for the Savonia thesis
PrerequisitesResearch Methods and Academic Writing
Other Considerations
Mäkelä Pentti
Rissanen Marja-Liisa
Turjamaa Riitta


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