Corona virus information

Entering Finland

Students and staff visiting Savonia from abroad are required to meet the entry requirements of the Border Guard:

Guidelines for border traffic

Arrival to Kuopio/Iisalmi/Varkaus

Fill in the appropriate arrival form prior to your arrival:

Arrival form for exchange students of 2022-2023

Arrival form for  new international degree students of 2022

The information is passed on to your student tutor who will be able to help you upon your arrival.

Practical info for the quarantine period

Quarantine (=self-isolation)

In case you experience covid-19 symptoms while in Finland,  you should avoid close contacts to other people and self-isolate yourself for 5 days. You can purchase a covid-19 test at your closest store. During the self-isolation you cannot enter Savonia campuses and avoid spending time in shops, bars, public transportation and in public places. In case you need to move outside your apartment during the quarantine period, you must always wear a face mask.

Recommendations for self-isolation can be checked on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

Take-away food

It is possible to order take-away food or groceries delivered to your home during quarantine. You can order restaurant food from for example:


or groceries at

What to do when feeling ill?

If you have any respiratory symptoms such as cold, cough, or fever, you cannot come to campus. Always contact the health care services by phone first. You will then get further instructions. Please do not enter the health care centre or hospital before you have received instructions over the phone. Below you find links to directions to different campus cities.

Kuopio City Corona Updates

Iisalmi City Health Services

City of Varkaus Health Services