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LYDI21SY Master's Degree Programme in Digital Health

Methods and implementation

Savonia is guided by the OIS way of thinking. The key is the constructing of information as a collaborative process. Learning isn't confined to one place, work experience is deepened according to the competency objectives with expert knowledge and practice-oriented teaching methods. The student is self-directed, reflective and critical as well as being responsible. The overall teaching methods is realised via virtual way. Students are in connection with teachers in a new way: teachers offer virtual teacher—help-desk service regularly.

All studies are in a virtual format. For those students who want to participate in the intensive contact learning period, for example the Research-based development course, the course starts as a summer course in June 2018. The exact dates will be published later in Autumn 2017.

The central competence networks of Savonia are an Applied Welfare Technology, Innovative Engineering and Energy Industries, Responsible Food Production and Water Safety. Master of Digital Health expertise degree program connects to the Applied Welfare Technology. The competence networks reshape the teaching of Savonia as well as the work of research-, development- and innovation (RDI-work) and strengthen the profile as well as the intellectual capital.

Savonia supports the student´s learning process. Student Service Center including Student Services e.g. Student Advisors, and Library and Information Services help in the student´s learning. The education s carried out in compliance with the principles of impartiality and sustainable development.

The student reflects on his/her own skills and competences, and selects courses according to personal development objectives. Savonia offers all Master students joint courses (each 5 ECTS) in total which respond to the general competence demands of work life. The courses to be selected are Digitalised Working Environment, Business in Digital Health, Research-based Development, Successful Organisation, Innovation knowledge, Expertise and Supervisory Work, Project Management, Strategic Thinking and Future Orientation, Service design (not virtual course), for instance. Joint study modules are also produced in co-operation with neighbouring University of Applied Sciences such as Karelia UAS.


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