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TNE21SP Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

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Curriculum responsibility: Irene Hyrkstedt

Basis of Education

The Degree Programme in Nursing is a 3.5-year, 210 ECTS programme which leads to a Bachelor of Health Care degree. The skills and expertise gained through this programme are in compliance with the requirements of the EU in view of the level of higher education enabling free movement of labour and experts.

A nurse works as an expert in multi-professional teams and networks and develops and promotes research- and evidence-based nursing practice. A nurse promotes health both nationally and internationally. He or she can be employed by public or private sector health care organisations. A nurse participates in the development of social and health care services and in social decision-making following the principles of sustainable development. He or she implements and develops nursing care for individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent and cure diseases and to enhance rehabilitation. A nurse’s professional competence also includes eg forecasting factors that influence health, wellbeing and resources of individuals, families and communities. The competence also includes the provision of guidance and mentoring to support the resources. By proving guidance and mentoring a nurse supports the individuals to manage the factors that influence their lives and to implement resources when a person becomes ill.

A nurse’s work is guided by nursing values and ethical guidelines. Current legislation and health policy guidelines in Finland provide the starting point for his or her professional activity. The operational environment of nursing and personnel is governed by national and European legislation with an aim to secure equal opportunities for health and wellbeing for all.
Right to practise the profession of Nurse and Licensing

The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (VALVIRA) grants, upon application the right to practice as a licenced healthcare professional. The prerequisite for the licensing is that the nursing education meets the minimum education requirements. The professional qualifications of a nurse and the education of a nurse responsible for general nursing care are regulated by directive 2013/55/EY of the European Parliament and of the Council and by European Qualifications Framework, 2006. The UAS has to verify that the healthcare professional has the required professional competence.


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