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TNE21SP Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

Course Description

NameGerontological Nursing and Home Care Services
Credits5 cr
Credits in Foreign Languageen cr
ObjectivesThe student is able to
-explain the ethical and multi-disciplinary bases of gerontological nursing
-explain geriatric diseases on the basis of evidence
-implement and assess medication
-explain the special features of an elderly patient’s medication
-promote health and functional ability in his or her nursing work
-plan ,implement and document home care
-plan nursing care and rehabilitation for elderly patients
-explain the importance of a social network and support relatives
-assess an elderly patient and provide nursing care in acute situations and co-ordinate the further treatment process
-understand the importance of services and digitalisation in the service chain
-implement and develop end of life care for elderly patients
-assess the nutritional condition and implement nutritional care by applying the nutritional care recommendation for elderly people
ContentThe ethical and multi-disciplinary bases of gerontological nursing.Age policy and an elderly person in society. A resource-oriented nursing care, service and rehabilitation plan. Service counselling. Functional ability. Support for living and managing at home. Home care, home care unit. Carers. Family nursing. Accessibility. Technology, robotics. E-care. Memory disorders and nursing care. Mental health and addiction care for elderly people, support for social wellbeing and agency. The most important geriatric diseases and situations requiring acute care. Medication for the elderly, drug calculations. Accidents. Nutritional care. End of life care in different nursing environments. Sexual health among the elderly. Mental and spiritual care. Multicultural nursing. Mentally challenged elderly people. The special features of an elderly patient’s medication.
RequirementsParticipation in the lectures, exercises, and skills workshops (100%). Accepted completion of individual and group assignments. A passed exam and accepted completion of drug calculations (100% correct).
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialELIOPOULOS, Charlotte.2013. Fast Facts for the Gerontology Nurse: A Nursing Care Guide in a Nutshell. e-book.
REED, Jan, CLARKE, Charlotte L, MACFARLANE, Ann. 2012. Nursing older adults. e-book
CAPLAN, G. 2014. Geriatric medicine: an introduction. Melbourne: IP Communications. e-book.
Topical international research articles
Prerequisites will be announced at the beginning of the course.
Other considerations Clinical Skills, Internship

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