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TNE21SP Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

Course Description

NameInternship: Acute and Intensive Care Nursing Practice
Credits10 cr
Credits in Foreign Language10 cr
ObjectivesThe student is able to
-apply nursing related ethical guidelines and legislation
-identify ethical contradictions and address them in a constructive manner
-cooperate multi-professional when nursing an acute patient
-explain the mechanism of disorder formation in vital functions and draw conclusions on the changes they cause in the body
-analyse and interpret the information on a patient’s condition he or she receives from various sources
-explain the mechanism of action of the medication and fluids used in acute and intensive care and their use
-plan, implement and assess acute care for patients of different ages in different nursing environments
-apply research based information to the nursing and rehabilitation of patients and develop acute and intensive nursing care on the basis of researched information and recommendations
-assess the relatives’ need for support and mentor them
-describe his or her professional responsibility for ensuring and promoting patient safety
-assume responsibility for the quality of nursing care in his or her own work
ContentNursing philosophy and ethics, human rights and human dignity, tolerance. Social and health care legislation and other legislation governing nursing practice, professional rights and responsibilities of nurses, encountering diversity in nursing (eg cultural differences, disabilities), statutory and professionally required language skills, multi-professional work and cooperation with the networks of the internship employer , working in exceptional conditions, nursing care for patients of different ages with different acute illnesses and for intensive care patients, clinical examination of a patient and assessing his or her condition, interpretation of the examination results, medication and fluid therapy, current care and clinical practice guidelines , nursing instructions in the work units, documentation and reporting, infection control, mentoring patients of different ages in an appropriate manner, mentoring relatives, work methods promoting patient safety, data protection and data security, assessing the quality of nursing care, identifying quality deviations and their prevention.PLE.
RequirementsDescription of the initial skills level. Accepted completion of the internship. Internship can be completed in: acute wards, emergency departments, intensive care units, intensive care and observation units and emergency departments.
The internship can be completed during international exchange.Persoval learning environment, half year reflection.
Grading ScalePassed - 0
Course material
PrerequisitesBasic and compulsory professional studies must be completed excluding internship: A multi-professional project: the course Acute and Intensive Care Nursing must be completed
Other considerationsImplementation only in Finnish.
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