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TNE21SP Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

Course Description

NameInternship: Nursing Assessment and Interventions Practice
Credits10 cr
Credits in Foreign Language10 cr
ObjectivesThe student is able to
-work in accordance with the nursing values, principles and statutes
-understand the limits of his or her responsibility
interact professionally with the client/patient and respect his or her personality and individualism
-identify the client’s/patient’s nutritional health, daily functional ability and need for nursing care
- help the clients/patients maintain their functional abilities and advise them on basic nutrition issues and provide respectful nursing care
-work aseptically correctly according to the infection prevention principles
-use essential nursing methods and instruments
ContentAseptic and infection control, nursing interventions: taking care of hygiene, nutrition/fluid therapy and secretion, vital functions: monitoring blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature, consciousness and blood sugar, use of aids, medical treatment: implementing medical treatment and monitoring the effectiveness, functional ability and nutrition: monitoring daily functional ability and assessing nutritional health, structural documentation.
RequirementsInternship in different nursing environments (intensified sheltered housing units, nursing homes, health centre in-patient wards)Participation in simulations and seminars.Active participation in VireTori activities. Assignments.
Grading ScalePassed - 0
Course materialTo be announced at the beginning of the course.
-Material in Moodle.
Perry, A., Potter, P.A., Stockert, P. & Hall, A. 2019. Essentials for Nursing Practice. 9th Edition. Elsevier.E-book available
Perry, A., Potter, P.A., & Ostetendorf, W.F. 2018. Clinical Nursing Sklills and Techniques. 9th Edition. Elsevier. E-book available from 2014 edition.

-Hygienepassport https://hygienepassport.fi/
-National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health http://www.valvira.fi/web/en/front-page
-Ministry of Social Affairs and Health http://stm.fi/en/frontpage
PrerequisitesNursing Assessment and Interventions must be completed/started. Anatomy, Physiology and Basics of Diagnostics 1 must be completed/started, Basics of Pharmacological Treatment must be completed/started.
Other considerationsPossible travel and/ or housing expenses
ContactKoponen Leena

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