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TNE21SP Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

Course Description

Code4 NURLAS12
NamePaediatric and Family Nursing
Credits5 cr
Credits in Foreign Language5 cr
ObjectivesThe student is able to:
-explain the significance of ethical guidelines and legislation related to children’s rights and paediatric nursing as well as the significance of child orientation and culture in family nursing
-explain the course and monitoring of pregnancy, delivery and puerperium
-explain the problems caused by the most common childhood diseases and to name the most common treatments and prevention methods
-describe children’s and adolescents’ development and the factors influencing that
-apply evidence based information on children’s and adolescents’ development and the factors influencing that, on nutrition, family nursing, childhood diseases, paediatric and family nursing
-analyse children’s and adolescents’ health problems and threats as well as to plan children’s and adolescents’ care in compliance with the nursing process
-give examples of the treatment and rehabilitation of children and adolescents with disabilities
-perform drug calculations needed in children’s medical treatment and fluid therapy and to explain safe medical treatment, fluid therapy and medicine dosage
-assess his or her paediatric nursing skills and provide peer assessment in accordance with the assessment criteria
-utilise the family nursing related course material in English and communicate in English in different situations
ContentSpecial features of paediatric and family nursing and related legislation and ethical basis.Maternal and family nursing during pregnancy, delivery and puerperium.Children’s and adolescents’ growth and development and their influence on the needs of healthy, ill and disabled children and adolescents.Children’s, adolescents’ and families’ nutrition. Nutrition care. Family nursing: early interaction, the resources of the family, parents’ and siblings’ reactions to a child’s illness, cooperation with child protection authorities, parenting support.Children’s medical treatment and fluid therapy, medicine dosage and paediatric drug calculations.Assessment of children’s and adolescents pain and fear, different pain treatment methods. Play as part of paediatric nursing.Childhood diseases.
RequirementsAssignments, drug calculations (100%), exams, lesson attendance.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialHOCKENBERRY, MJ, WILSON, D. and RODGERS, CC. 2016. Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing, 10th Edition. e-book by ELSEVIER
Topical international research articles will be announced at the beginning of the course
PrerequisitesNursing Assessment and Interventions, both theory and internship, Nursing Assessment and Interventions, Clinical Skills, Basics of Pharmacological Treatment, Medical Nursing, both theory and internship, Theory studies of Perioperative Nursing must be ongoing according to student´s own group curriculum.
Other considerations
ContactHuuskola Katri

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