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TNE21SP Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

Course Description

Code4 NURPEO12
NamePerioperative Nursing
Credits5 cr
Credits in Foreign Language5 cr
ObjectivesThe student is able to
-apply nursing values and principles in perioperative nursing
-apply knowledge in the nursing assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of a perioperative patient’s nursing care
-explain and analyse the factors related to the examination, monitoring and maintenance of a patient’s vital functions
-identify the most common surgical diseases and their symptoms and describe their essential examination and treatment methods
-apply the infection control principles in perioperative nursing and assess the disadvantages caused by the lack of infection control
-apply knowledge when preparing and guiding a patient for surgery, apply knowledge in operation room-and anesthesia nursing and in postoperative care
-explain the principles of safe administration of medication, fluid therapy and blood transfusion by giving examples and perform the required drug calculations accurately
-assess the significance of multi-professional co-operation when caring perioperative patients
ContentPre, intra and postoperative care in surgical wards, operation rooms and in postanesthesia care units. Surgery.
Perioperative nursing process
-pre, intra and postoperative nursing care in surgical wards, operation rooms and in postanesthesia care units.
-the nursing process of an elective, day surgery
-the nursing process of an emergency patient
-infection control in perioperative nursing
-pain treatment, wound care and rehabilitative nursing
-medication and fluid therapy in perioperative nursing
-nutritional care in perioperative nursing
-perioperative patient safety, safe equipment, safe working methods
-perioperative documentation

Perioperative care
-the patient’s nursing needs assessment, planning, implementation and assessment of the nursing care
-the essential methods related to the examination, monitoring and maintenance of a patient’s vital functions
-preoperative patient guidance

Intraoperative care
-a patient’s intraoperative nursing care in an operating room as an anaesthesia nurse and an operation room nurse
-nursing care for patients under general and regional anaesthesia
-multi-professional intraoperative co-operation

Postoperative care
-postoperative monitoring and treatment of the patient
-postoperative patient education, discharging and planning for the follow-up care
-multi-professional co-operation with the patient, relatives and nursing care operators
RequirementsCompulsory skills workshops (100%), a drug calculation exam (drug calculations pass/fail, 100% correct), Moodle exams and a final exam.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialTopical international research articles will be announced at the beginning of the course.
PrerequisitesAnatomy, Physiology and Diagnostics examination 1, Basics of Pharmacological Treatment including one set of drug calculations.
Other considerations
ContactHuovinen Anne

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