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TNE21SP Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

Course Description

Code4 NURMTP21
NameMental Health and Substance Abuse Nursing in Different Nursing Contexts
Credits10 cr
Credits in Foreign Language10 cr
ObjectivesThe student is able to
-assess mental health problems and substance abuse as experiental phenomena at different stages of life
-analyse current mental health and substance abuse nursing phenomena and trends
-use the mental health and substance abuse nursing assessment, counselling and care interventions properly and in different ways
-use different mental health promotion methods to improve the client’s mental wellbeing
-apply evidence based information in mental health and substance abuse nursing
-assess his or her own professional skills and development needs
-Improving mental wellbeing at different stages of life
-Reforming of mental health care services
-Nursing assessment of clients with mental disorders and in crises
-Support for patients’ self-care
-Mental health crisis/mental disorder experienced by a client
-Crises and crisis care
-Helping a self-harm person, suicide risk assessment and nursing care for a suicidal person
-Psychoeducation, educational work within families and involvement of relatives in caring for the patient
-Psychotherapeutic approaches
-Reducing the use of coercion in mental health care
-Effective presence as a nursing intervention
-Mental health care for patients with special needs
-Improving the quality of life of patients with schizophrenia
-Substance abuse / addiction experienced by a client
-Substance abuse nursing services at different stages of life
-Nursing assessment of patients with substance abuse and other addictions
-Support for patients’ self-care
-Different types of addictions and nursing practices
-Motivational interviewing/practices in substance abuse nursing
-Care for patients with special needs
Visual CV.
RequirementsParticipation in contact lessons, skills workshops(100%)simulations(100%) and tutorials(100%) assignments: an exam.Visual CV.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialVIDEBECK, S. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. 6th edition. Philadelphia: LWW. 2014. E-material.

ASTON V. & COFFEY, M. 2012. Recovery: What mental health nurses and service users say about the concept of recovery. Journal Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 19 (3), 257-263.

Topical international research articles and other learning material will be announced at the beginning of the course.
PrerequisitesBasic studies and compulsory professional studies.
Other considerationsImplementation only in Finnish.
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ContactAho Jukka

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