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TB21SP Bioanalyytikon tutkinto-ohjelma


NimiMolecular biology (Advanced) / Molekyylibiologia
Nimi englanniksiMolecular biology (Advanced)
Laajuus5 op
Vieraskielinen osuus5 op
OsaamistavoitteetUpon completing the course, the graduates
- have deeper knowledge of the development of genetic diseases
- understand the principles and the applications of advanced molecular biological techniques and analysis methods
- can explain advanced methods and applications of molecular biology
- know relevant equipment and materials and understand according to which criteria and for which purpose these are selected and used
- are able to understand and evaluate new methods by using comparative reference
- can independently carry out these methods in compliance with the requirements of the quality assurance
- can select individual analysis methods for specific questions
- can combine the findings of different specialist fields with each other
- have knowledge of aspects of the molecular biological field with respect to research
- are aware of the ethical aspects related to gene technology
- know the main methods of gene therapy
- are aware of the importance of cell culture for therapy and research as well as of research related aspects of this fields
- have profound knowledge of the functions of the cells under in vitro conditions, the ideal conditions for the cultivation of cells and tissue, the basic cell culture techniques
- can independently carry out selected routine methods of cell culturing based on work instructions and carry out necessary quality assurance measures
- are able to use information technology (internet) for specialist data research and understand the imperative to follow topical developments
- are aware of the hazards in a cell culture laboratory
- know the specific safety instructions in cell culture laboratory
Keskeiset sisällöt- In the lecture series examples of medical-clinical specialist areas are presented, which relate to topical molecular biological approaches and methods and which are used in molecular biological diagnostics of biomedical science
- Facilities and equipment of a cell culture laboratory, culture containers and media
- Sterile techniques and contaminations
- Routine methods: change of medium, subcultivation, determine cell numbers, cryoconservation, production of cell lysates and cell pellets, standardization, documentation and quality assurance
SuoritustavatParticipation in key lectures, completion of assignments, participation in practice (100 %), independent study and exam
Arviointiasteikko0 - 5
MateriaaliCourse material will be informed at the beginning of course
Edeltävät opinnotNatural Scientific knowledge and Skills in Biomedical Laboratory Science, Learning about laboratory work, Laboratory sampling and quality
Muuta huomioitavaaProtective cloathing for training, Can be organized in co-operation with FH Campus Wien, Austria.
YhteyshenkilöMähönen Anssi
Vuohelainen Susanna

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