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EI21SP Bachelor Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering

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Curriculum responsibility: Irene Hyrkstedt

Basis of Education

The degree title is Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. The title of the degree in Finnish is called konetekniikan insinööri (AMK). The study programme is 240 ECTS and the full- time studies take about 4 years. The studies take place in Kuopio and they are conducted in English. This programme qualifies to apply for master degree programmes.

The degree programme of Mechanical Engineering qualifies the future engineers for the various tasks in the technology industry. Duties vary within the fields of engineering, business and management such as project management, sales engineering, operations and supply chain management and engineering. The future job is most probably found in a company operating with global exports.

The technological expertise learned in the programme includes product design and develop-ment, and manufacturing technology. The studies in production and business management concentrate on project management, marketing, sales, business economics, procurement, supply chain, international business operations and quality management.

An important part of the programme is getting familiar with operating effectively in a variety of interpersonal networks. Self-development, communication and interpersonal skills, organiza-tional and social as well as international competences and problem-solving skills are included in the engineering know-how. The objective of the programme is to produce a high-quality team player instead of an individual player.

The structure of the studies is based on process thinking and the learning process is based on problem based learning. Students are able to include in their programme special project studies in companies in Finland or abroad.


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