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EYDI21SY Master's Degree Programme in Digital Health

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Curriculum responsibility: Riitta Turjamaa

Basis of Education

Degree programme in Digital Health leads to a Master's degree, the qualification title is Master of Engineering. The master programme fits for persons who work within the fields of social services, health care, engineering or business and administration. Connector between different fields is the both health and digitalisation.

Digital health is defined by European Union: Digital health and care refers to tools and services that use information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of health and lifestyle. Digital health and care has the potential to innovate and improve access to care, quality of care, and to increase the overall efficiency of the health sector (read more: https://ec.europa.eu/health/ehealth/overview_en). Furthermore, in April 2019 World Health Organisation (WHO) launched new recommendations on ten ways that countries can use digital health technology, accessible via mobile phones, tablets and computers, to improve people’s health and essential services.

Both national and European government strategies have expressed the need for professionals in social and health area with digital health education and training. Ageing populations, new therapeutic possibilities and rising expectations of citizens have made the provision of social and health care much more complex than in the past. Huge amount of available information, digital devices, assistive devices, service design, and e/m/r/uHealth solutions have the potential to anticipate health challenges and to improve lives in many ways. Simultaneously persons from various fields and working in the social and health care field need to acquire a range of new skills. Some are related to usability and service design, and some technical, such as how to get the most from new digitalised systems or advances in technology. Some are organizational, such as how to work in multi-disciplinary teams, and how to manage professionals from different fields.

Furthermore, the change also demands new attitudes, innovative working manner, finding ways in which the multi-professional persons can engage in effective partnerships in national and international context with both service users and the organizations that purchase social and health care on their behalf.

Innovation in digitalised health field has a great potential to create large impact on modern social and health care. The high bandwidth connectivity provided by the Internet enables new services to support citizens in their daily lives. The essential tenet of this programme is that both person’s health and wellbeing, and patient care outcomes can be improved and costs reduced through the effective use of digitalisation in the social and healthcare transformation process. The Master’s Programme is based on combination of modern working in health tech environments, encouragement of patient-centric solutions, leadership and information management, and privacy and data security issues.

Savonia’s competence themes: innovation and entrepreneurship competence, internationality, well-being at work and lifelong learning are included in the studies. The degree produces the comprehensive and in-depth digitalisation knowledge required in work life of the social and health care, and provides the theoretical knowledge needed for the demanding and leadership tasks of the relevant field. The Master´s degree gives the same eligibility for public office tenures as Master´s degrees completed in other universities and other higher education institutes of science. Master degree (in Finnish ylempi AMK) is in English Master of Health Care, Master of Social Services, Master of Engineering, Master of Business and Administration. (Polytechnics decree 352/2003). In accordance with the government proposal of 7/2009 (34 §) a student which has completed an appropriate Master´s degree can be admitted for postgraduate scientific or artistic studies. All studies are virtual. Savonia uses MOODLE learning environment, videoconferencing most commonly Zoom or Teams, emailing and mobile phoning.


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