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EYDI21SY Master's Degree Programme in Digital Health

Competence Standards

The Master's degree corresponds to level 7 on the EQF (European Qualifications Framework) of reference.

Competence means wide individual professional capability: know how, skills, attitude and potential to work. The content of studies and methods of studying are planned in order to provide students with general and core competences needed in the special but wide field of digitalised Health.

The master programme fits for persons who work in digitalisation related to (social and) health care.

Master in degree programme in Digital Health is both European and National Qualification Framework (NQF) level 7.

Master in degree programme in digital health profile is composed of following competences

The Master’s Programme is based on combination of management, leadership, modern working ways in digitalised environments, especially in (social and) health care field. The work of digital health expertise takes place from tertiary care to primary care and in homes or assisted living places. The learning process in Master Programme is based on Open Innovation Space –model (OIS) in which students together with teachers and other experts develop or solve authentic working life tasks. OIS approach encourages actors from different sectors to get new information for the needs of working life. The student is an active doer and he or she studies in various studying environments in different teams, communities and eLearning environments. In this way the theory and the practical assignments are combined with the studies. Students plan their own studies based on a personal study plan.

Education offers expertise to work in both national and international professional-, development- and managerial tasks.

Master of Digital Health expertise degree program’s competence profile is composed of competencies.


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