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WUYI22KY Master´s Degree Programme in Energy Engineering

Methods and implementation

Pedagogical principles of Master’s Programme in Energy Engineering are contextuality and active, self guided and co-operative learning. The student builds up, constructs, theoretical models for practical purposes individually and in social network. Contextuality means close connections to reality and work life, and constructivism means hierarchical and causal modeling of reality.

The learning process in Master Programme is based on Open Innovation Space –model (OIS) in which students together with teachers and other experts develop or solve authentic working life tasks. OIS approach encourages actors from different sectors to get new information for the needs of working life. The student is an active doer and he or she studies in various studying environments in different teams, communities and eLearning environments. In this way the theory and the practical assignments are combined with the studies. Students plan their own studies based on a personal study plan.

Personal study plan will be based on general and flexible master’s degree programme. The programme makes it possible for each student to build up an individual, tailored and useful study plan according to their personal needs. The flexibility of programme is especially important because one of the main goals of the programme is to support employers and development projects in Eastern Finland by binding high skilled and experienced engineers into development projects in companies. Also creating and improving new capabilities needed in companies is one of the main targets in programme. These goals are also closely linked with goals of Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

The studies start by constructing a personal study plan. It is a project plan for one’s studies and contains a preliminary list of different studies and a realistic timetable with for example risk analysis.

In Savonia UAS, Moodle and Zoom are tools used for flexible (e-) distant Learning. Moodle is a browser based learning environment which is used to e.g. delivering learning material, returning the tasks to teacher and discussing the study topics. Zoom is a video conference program used for multipoint meetings and distance learning lessons. It can be used also for face-to-face negotiations over the Internet. In addition, school provided email, web based information and library systems, electrical course enrolment service and course feedback are obligatory to all Savonia students.

In the beginning of studies the training necessary to use these services is arranged to all students as part of the study orientation.


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