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SuperEcosystem with unlimited possibilities


2nd in Finland. 4th in the Nordics. 23rd in Europe. SuperEcosystem is now an official certified Meta-Cluster by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP), an EU-level governing entity. The Meta-Cluster Application was approved in an astonishing 22 hours after submission with 100% profile fulfillment status and ranks SuperEcosystem as Finland’s most multi-disciplinary meta-cluster.

A meta-cluster, or cluster of clusters, is an entity which brings together individual clusters and ecosystems. Initiated in January 2021 as a project coordinated by Savonia University of Applied Sciences and funded by Pohjois-Savo liitto, SuperEcosystem comprises six clusters and ecosystems plus two enabling functions in the Savo region: North Savo Agri-Food Cluster, Kuopio Health Co-op., Kuopio Water Cluster, Energy Cluster North Savo, Bio and Circular Cluster, Machine and Materia Technology, DigiCenterNS, and Pohjois-Savo Business Center.

As a meta-cluster, SuperEcosystem actively facilitates cross-pollination of industry verticals, encourages valuable information and knowledge sharing, and drives sustainable international growth forward in line with UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The clusters and ecosystems have a combined member base of over 150 organizations from both the public and private sectors, including innovative startups, SMEs, and large international conglomerates. Combined member revenue exceeds 55 B € and operations extend to more than 100 countries on all continents.

In addition to the funding access, being a certified Meta-Cluster on ECCP provides SuperEcosystem with connections to influential organizations, initiatives, and partnerships verified by the platform. Meta-Cluster status enables SuperEcosystem to coordinate and run its own international projects, initiatives, events, and consortia. Clusters and their members gain a fast-track to international networks, partnerships, and projects.

As one of the members of Kuopio Water Cluster, Nokia Oyj’s Jarkko Pellikka, Director of R&D Programs comments, “Meta-Cluster Membership enables us to build wider awareness at the global level, which opens up new business and R&D opportunities for the members of the SuperEcosystem.” He continues, “Membership can also attract new foreign R&D investments in Finland.”

As a certified meta-cluster, SuperEcosystem provides its clusters and ecosystems and their members with an increased capability to mitigate upcoming challenges caused by the geopolitical situation, such as supply chain, logistical, and operational issues. Mr. Pellikka adds, “Today new innovations and commercialization emerge in the ecosystems and therefore it is essential to build bridges within the ecosystem and across ecosystems at the global level.” He concludes, “Membership also enables efficient partner seeking and can create the basis for new EU-level R&D initiatives from a Public-Private-Partnership perspective.”

For more information, please contact:
SuperEcosystem: Johan Halvarsson, Savonia University of Applied Sciences (johan.halvarsson@savonia.fi, +358 44 785 6058)