Renewing of the practices in work life

Business Services

Commissioned services result from RDI when they meet the developmental needs of partners and customers without disturbing the market. Range of these services is wide; everything from research to product development, cultural program services; from welding testing to welfare services. Our staff and students are in charge of the realisation of these services.

Savonia UAS’s policy is to combine effectively research, development, education and innovation work and strongly support a transdisciplinary approach to these. Some of the services are produced by our students and some by our group of experts. Here you can find more information on our versatile services!

The commissioned research that Savonia conducts produces information and know-how to the regional, national and international developmental needs. The research is often connected to a larger operation. The purpose of these research projects is to find practical solutions, develop processes and build networks. All these projects have a practice oriented link to the education at Savonia UAS. Each year, our students prepare over 1000 Bachelors’ and Masters’ theses. This is a significant research resource to the businesses in the region.

The development needs and renewing of the practices in work life is the basis of the RDI development undertaken at Savonia UAS. Savonia offers multi-field development services. The high-quality know-how, experience and innovation of Savonia UAS are available for the product development, development of the work societies and for the technology development and application of these technologies. The development projects produce practical tools and know-how, new services, new products and new enterprises. The information and experiences these projects produce is applied to the needs and education of the work life.

Savonia UAS collaborates with other research and educational organisations and professionals in the working life. International networks and opportunities to participate in international ventures become available to Savonia’s partners through Savonia. Also, the professionals at the UAS offer their assistance with the funding, managing and executing of these ventures.

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