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If you graduated from Savonia, you are a part of our alumni body. But, only by joining the alumni network will you get inside info on events, trainings, special studies and alumni benefits to your e-mail.

We wish to keep in touch with our graduates and offer possibilities for networking with others alike. Joining the network is completely free of charge and without responsibilities.

Questions or ideas? Contact

What kind of activities would serve your needs? Let us know by answering the questionnaire below and tailor your participation according to your personal interests.

Savonia alumni in the social media

Join the Savonia International Alumni -Linkedin group to connect and network with other across disciplines, share events or other ideas and tips to the group members.

In instagram you can share the highlights of your professional life with the #savoniauas -hashtag or @savoniauas and we can share your post.

Check also our profile in LinkedIn and start following. We’ll be sharing news and updates on what is going on.

Networking makes the difference

Building networks and keeping in touch with your school friends pays off. If you are willing to organize a class meeting, let us know, we’d be happy to help with the arrangements.

Savonia alumni network is maintained by university services (career and recruitment services) together with disciplines. When your community or business is in need of trainees, thesis writers or employees, you can post the vacancies free of charge in Savonia´s social media or service.

Develop your expertise

As a member of Savonia Alumni Network you will get notified also of webinars and trainings to support your professional development.

As a member of the network you will get to share your stories on studies and working life

We are collecting Career Stories to inspire future students and graduates. Check the story of Gerly Matihaldi.

Do share your story with us! We are happy to share them further, for they also help potential new students when making the important decision of where and what to study. Send you story and picture to

Your story could cover e.g:

  • Your study field
  • What made you choose the specific field?
  • How did you like studies in Savonia?
  • If you worked as well, how was it to balance life between studies, family and work?
  • What kind of use or advantages have you gotten from your studies?
  • Any hints for future students?

In addition to the stories alumni video clips are also very well liked. Should you find it in you to make a My Day- type of a video clip on your work day, duties or such, let us know. We may have some hints and tips to make your life easier.

Career follow-up survey providing date on alumni career development

Career follow-up surveys are sent out yearly to graduates from 5 years prior. The purpose of the survey is to map alumni career paths, life situations and satisfaction on the degree they got. The questionnaires go out around October-November.

Savonia graduates are satisfied with their degree

Savonia graduates are generally very satisfied with their degree and feel that the skills gained match those needed in their current work.

For more detailed results and comparisons on the survey can be found from the Statistics Service of the Ministry of Education in Finland, Vipunen by following this link.