Accessible Savonia

Savonia is a higher education community where everyone is treated equally, valuing people and taking care of equality. These are the words that start Savonia’s Equality and Equity Plan, which is part of Savonia’s accessibility package. It is a sentence that sums up a lot of the spirit that guides Savonia’s accessibility work.

The concept of accessibility is broad and includes multiple levels. For this reason, we have built the Accessible Savonia website, which brings together the different dimensions of accessibility. The website is Savonia’s accessibility plan in a dynamic form. According to the idea “quality is in everyday actions”, in Savonia, accessibility is part of well-functioning practical processes and actions, which is what this site also aims for.

Ihmisiä kampussydämessä.

Accessibility of facilities

Käsiä, jotka näyttävät peukkua.

Equality and equity


In matters related to accessibility, please send a message to the address viestintapalvelut@savonia.fi.

Include the word Accessibility to the title of the message.