Degrees in Finnish


Savonia offers following degree programs in Finnish. Check out also our degree programs in English.

School of Business

Degree Programme in Business Administration

The aims of International Business programme, BBA, are to develop skills and become an expert in international business. During your studies, you get a versatile set of skills, which prepare you to a global work environment. Your place of work does not need to be abroad because international work places can be found also in Finland.  Savonia’s BBA programme specialises in global business.

Degree Programme in Business Administration, Wellness Business

Savonia has begun a new, unique degree programme in Wellness Business Studies that is the first of its kind in Finland. Well-being, exercise, nutrition, and health services is a growing business and there’s a growing interest in holistic well-being. The degree programme is meant for students who want to combine the expertise and knowledge of well-being services and business.

School of Design

Degree Programme in Design

The handprint of a designer can be seen everywhere. In Savonia, you’ll become a professional in the design field, and become competent in the design process, visual expression, manufacturing techniques and materials. You can study jewellery design, fashion and clothing design, industrial design, service design, and interior architecture design in Savonia.

School of Engineering and Technology

Degree Programme in Energy Engineering

Climate change, environmental issues and an increasing energy demand are among the greatest challenges of our time. In the energy engineering studies you will learn about traditional power station technology, as well as renewable forms of energy production, circular economy and their environmental impacts.

Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering

The development of the society has brought in challenges related to the environment, that require the attention of environmental engineering experts. Environmental engineering studies provide you with a solid knowledge and perception on different environmental sectors, such as water resources and waste management, air pollution protection, energy technology, and the treatment and rehabilitation of contaminated environment.

Degree Programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering

As an electrical engineer, your knowledge can be seen in several sectors. If you opt for electrical engineering, you take the central stage in maintaining and developing the grid. After you graduate, you might be in charge of producing, distributing and the usage of electricity, as well as designing and constructing the grid. Alternatively, you can specialise in machine-oriented information technology.

Degree Programme in Construction Management

The degree of Bachelor of Construction Management prepares you to work as a supervisor at construction sites.After you graduate and accumulate enough work experience you are qualified to oversee construction projects carried out according to the Land Use and Building Act.

Degree Programme in Civil and Construction Engineering, Construction Architect 

The building industry as a diverse employer, offers plenty of demanding work opportunities to a construction engineer in different subsets of construction. Many companies in the construction industry also offer opportunities for international employment. In these studies you will get a thorough knowledge of different construction projects’ technical and economic cases.

Degree Programme in Construction Engineering

Today, construction is a lot more than technology and economics, and during the education you will get acquainted with the aesthetic, societal, qualitative and ecological sides of construction.

Degree Programme in Information Technology

The information technology programme
in Savonia trains experts in information technology in the area of Internet of Things. You learn to follow the constant change
in global technology, and you are able to meet the requirements
of international partners.

School of Health Care and Social Services

Degree Programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science

Laboratory experts are needed in the changing workplaces and tasks. For example, utilising IT applications in work tasks and equipment skills are a part of the daily lives of bioanalysts of tomorrow. Bioanalyst’s main area of expertise include the management and development of laboratory testing.

Degree Programme in Emergency Care

As a paramedic, you are the expert of emergency care outside the hospital. You have competences in both nursing and emergency care. Your job is to assess the condition of a person who fell suddenly ill or was injured, establish and sustain life processes, and improve the patient’s health projections.

Degree Programme of Physiotherapy

The focus on extensive rehabilitation, health promotion and early intervention – is the foundation of physiotherapy. The goal is to utilise physiotherapy in a more extensive way for prevention and treatment of different illnesses, for the well-being of citizens, for promoting health and reducing the costs of healthcare.

Degree Programme of Radiography and Radiation Therapy

As a radiographer you will be an expert of radiography and radiation therapy.In your work as a radiographer, you utilize technology and use medical radiation for the treatment of patients.As a radiographer, your core areas of expertise include various types of medical imaging.

Degree Programme in Public Health Nurse

After graduating as a Bachelor of Health Care, you will be a competent and skilled expert in care work. You have a broad knowledge on care work. You master the concepts, methods and knowledge needed in care work

Degree Programme in Dental Hygiene

As an oral hygienist, you are an oral health professional with a degree from a University of Applied Sciences and your work concentrates on improving oral health. As an oral hygienist, you evaluate the state of patients’ oral health and take part in the early treatment of various dental and oral conditions.

Degree Programme in Midwifery

Midwifery work is constantly renewing. This creates new requirements for the professional’s skills and knowledge. In addition to technical advances, – the diversity of patients arriving from different cultural and linguistic areas – brings additional changes to acting in the field.

Degree Programme in Social Services

Social Services programme at Savonia trains you to be an expert and prepares you for the working life. After graduation, you will know how to reform welfare services and develop communal and inclusive ways to support and act, keeping in mind the needs of various demographic groups.

School of Music and Dance

Degree Programme in Dance Pedagogy

As a dance teacher, you will find employment in different work environments, in addition to the traditional basic education in dance. The dance pedagogy studies at Savonia is a combination of practicality, internationalism, and natural cooperation with students from other fields, such as music pedagogy.

Degree Programme in Music

At Savonia, you can get an education that prepares you to the true needs of the music field. After graduation, you will have comprehensive, pedagogical knowledge and skills, strong skills with instruments, as well as the ability to create creative music, for performing, writing, composing, and arranging music.

School of Tourism and Hospitality

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

There is a demand or tourism and hospitality experts. The graduates from Savonia have, indeed, been able to find employment successfully. As you progress in your hospitality management studies, your mindset is focused around the customer, services, sales and performance.

School of Natural Resources

Degree Programme in Agriculture and Rural Industries

The degree in Agrology prepares you to work as a natural resources professional, creating the conditions for responsible food production and rural entrepreneurship. An agrologist can develop rural areas and food production as an expert in, for example, guidance, agricultural trade, administration, development projects or training.