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Applied research

New RDI ideas emerge from the problems of work and business life. Our staff and students have an eye for recognising these developmental needs. Savonia UAS gladly embraces new ideas and is willing to develop them, in both the UAS studies, and in research and development. Our networks of RDI collaboration help this.

Most of the RDI is so called applied research and development work, which is done in collaboration with enterprises and organizations to solve their cross-sectoral development issues. RDI activities test new ideas, products and services and promote innovation work. Regional, national and international networks then implement these projects.

Both experts and students at Savonia UAS have a crucial role in the implementation of RDI projects. Different RDI projects and ventures are closely connected with Savonia UAS’s research, development and innovation activities.

Our projects

We are active developers both in our region and also globally. Please come and see the list of our projects.

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Contact information

Mr Mikko Vuoristo
Tel: +358 44 785 5003