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0% grain, 100% taste and freedom to choose


Taste, ​composition and nutritional content that cannot be found elsewhere. Ketoinen produces low-carbohydrate, fiber- and..

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Collaboration between Authorities and Companies: COVID-19 in North Savo Hospital District


In autumn 2020, a rapid impact evaluation workshop was arranged in North Savo Hospital District..

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Local Businesses Boosted by European Region of Gastronomy Award


The time has come to summarize the benefits of the celebrated European Region of Gastronomy..

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Workshops Support Responsibility Work of Small and Medium Size Enterprises


The Business Network of Climate Security Project arranged by Savonia in the beginning of December..

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HitTek – Advanced Technology in Welding Industry


The Finnish technology industries are facing a situation where the need for new labour force..

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The Kosovo economy is recovering from the Coronavirus


Koronaviruksen aiheuttamien taloudellisten haasteiden tunnistaminen Kosovossa. Uusien mahdollisuuksien korostaminen talouden nopeuttamiseksi ja kansalaisten hyvinvoinnin parantamiseksi...

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