Thinking about studying a Master’s Degree?

Three Online Master Degree programmes

Savonia University of Applied Sciences offers three international master’s degree programmes students:

  1. Master of Health Care, Digital Health programme
  2. Master of Engineering, Energy Engineering programme
  3. Master of Health Care, Global Public Health programme

Digital Health, Master in Health Care

The Master’s Degree in Digital Health provide the graduates with skills needed for innovative development of digital social and health care services, service production, expert organisation management and for the development of service quality and management.

Energy Engineering, Master of Engineering

The focus of the Master Degree Programme in Energy Engineering is to educate professionals in engineering and business management in the field of international energy engineering projects.

Global Public Health, Master in Health Care

The Master’s Degree in Global Public Health is meant for persons who are planning to work within the fields of health care and public health globally. This programme provides you with the expertise to perform professional, development, and managerial tasks at a national and international level.