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Project Information
NameHealthy construction experts
ContactMarkku Rusi
DescriptionNegative effects of poor indoor air quality are not only economical, but also social impairing health and well-being of
people. Most indoor air quality problems occur in schools, day care centers, social and healthcare facilities and offices.
This is why it is important to make an effort to eliminate the problem especially in the public buildings.
New regulations of the moisture-technical functionality of buildings, indoor air and ventilation came into effect on the
1st of January 2018. The practical application of new regulations and guidelines requires plenty of training.
The aim of this project is to educate construction industry personnel to take these new regulations and guidelines into
account when constructing or repairing buildings. This project will focus on the requirements and tasks of the moisture
and cleanliness management of construction projects. Goals include increase of competitiveness of enterprises in the
construction sector by educating the staff, and improvement of the overall quality of construction.
The training program as well as the teaching materials will be designed according to the new regulations and
guidelines. Various steps of the construction project will be taken into account. Main target group of this project are the
professionals working in the construction sector. Some topics of training are principles of healthy construction,
moisture and impurities management, and roles and responsibilities of the various actors in different stages of the
construction project. Online education and distance learning will be utilized in the implementation of the training.
Training can vary between different target groups.
The project´s target groups include various actors whose current or future work have something to do with moisture
and impurities management. Qualified people are needed for construction moisture management as well as the
construction site dust and other impurities management and to do required measurements.
Precise moisture management plays a significant role in the final result of the construction project. At present, it is not
widely known what are the roles and responsibilities of each actor at various stages of the construction. After the
training, the involved people will have a good grasp of moisture and cleanliness management during construction
projects. Long-term effects of this project include a positive impact on the quality of construction projects and
consequently fewer people suffer from poor indoor air quality.
Funded byESR FR 2021-27 palkkojen yksikkökust.malli