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Master’s degree programmes

Master’s degree programmes

Savonia UAS has 3 Master’s degree programmes

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Digital Health

The Master’s Degree in Digital Health provide the graduates with skills needed for innovative development of digital social and health care services, service production, expert organisation management and for the development of service quality and management.

Solar panels

Energy Engineering, Master of Engineering

The focus of the Master Degree Programme in Energy Engineering is to educate professionals in engineering and business management in the field of international energy engineering projects.

Joint Application spring 2024

  • Application is open from 3 to 17 January 2024. 
  • The applicant can apply up to six (6) degree programmes in the same application form (to other UASs as well).
  • Savonia UAS offers two (2) Master’s Degree programmes
  • Required attachments must be uploaded to the application form by 24 January 2024.
  • Student selection is based on admission course
  • Results of the student selection will be published by 31 May 2024 at the latest. 
  • The study place must be confirmed by 11 July 2024 at the latest, or if accepted from the waiting list in June or July, within 7 days of being accepted as a student. 
  • The waiting list is valid until 30 July 2024 
  • If the student is obligated to pay the tuition fee, she/he will receive instructions on how to pay the tuition fee

Important information for applicants

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How to apply?

Where can I find the application form? How do I fill in the application form?

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Tuition fees for Master students

How much is the tuition fee?
Is there a scholarship available?

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One study place per term provision

I have been offered several study places, but how many study places I can accept?

If you have any questions related to applying, please contact the Admission services.

Savonia UAS Admission services

Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Admission services
P.O. Box 6 (Microkatu 1)