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NameNeurocenter Finland - development of research and innovation ecosystem at Nothern Savo region
ContactAntti Kotimaa
DescriptionBrain diseases are the biggest health problem for the aging population in Western countries and will continue to increase in part as a result of aging populations. The direct and indirect costs of brain diseases are equivalent to one third of all medical costs at European level and represent four times more cost than cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In order to develop personalized, evidence-based treatment for brain diseases, high-quality neuroscience research is required. The establishment of a strong and clearly organized center of excellence for neurosciences in Finland is indispensable and therefore Neurocenter Finland is set up as part of the implementation of the Health Sector Growth Strategy. The preparation phase is coordinated by the University of Eastern Finland.

The aim of this project is to develop a research and innovation network for neurosciences supporting and utilizing the presence of Neurocenter Finland in the Northern Savo region. This will be used to pilot operational models that can be introduced as part of the national activities of Neurocenter Finland. The aim is to establish Neurocenter Finland as a part of the regional health research and innovation ecosystem and to ensure the permanent location of the center in Kuopio. The aim is to promote regional cooperation between universities, universities of applied sciences, hospitals and hospital districts, business and the third sector. This will enable an internationally competitive business environment for health sector growth companies and increase exports, jobs and the international attractiveness of the region as a target for investment. The location of Neurocenter Finland in the Northern Savo region also strongly supports the operations of Biobank of Eastern Finland and Cancer Center of Eastern Finland (FICAN East).

The most important concrete actions in this project are: (1) Building a researcher / business database, which includes all scientists and companies in Neuroscience in Kuopio and Northern Savo, (2) developing the data lakes of Kuopio University Hospital and Kuopio City and establishing an accessibility database to data cohorts. (3) Identifying the need for neuroinformatics and bioinformatics services and establishing a network and one-stop-shop to these services for researchers and businesses; (4) Identifying the need for innovation services and establishing a network and one-stop shop to these services for researchers and businesses (5) For public-private-partnerships (PPP), an action and communication plan to attract both national and international companies to join the health ecosystem of Northern Savo and Kuopio.

The permanent location of Neurocenter Finland brings significant advantages to the regions of Northern Savo and Kuopio. In addition to direct employment effects, the center would also contribute significantly to profiling the region as the top area for neuroscience in Finland. This would be an incentive for international companies to look for partners in long-term research and innovation projects and, in the best possible case, lead to the creation of a permanent research or business center in the region of Northern Savo. At the same time, it will improve the conditions for the emergence of new startup companies and support their growth.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020