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NameNorthern Attraction from Lighting Know-How
ContactSari Turpeinen
DescriptionOSAaValo project increases lighting design know-how in the Northern Ostrobothnia and Northern Savonia. At the moment, education of architectural and urban lighting designer with a multidisciplinary expertise does not exist in Finland. The rapid development of lighting technology, the change for intelligent lighting and the need to restrain climate change are reasons for growing demands for professionals. The understanding of the influences of lighting on the environmental quality and on well-being in the north is growing. A preparatory study about the education needs in autumn 2018 indicated a clear demand: 58 % (186 pc) of the respondents was interested in the education and 23 % (74 pc) might be interested. The project aims to support life-long learning responding to the potentials and needs in the restructuring target areas, to decrease the energy consumption of lighting through education, and increase well-being through the high-quality lighting environment and the vitality of economic life.

The project has two main targets: 1) The aim is to profile the target areas with the know-how of intelligent and low carbon lighting through initiating the updating education Program for lighting design (60 cu) in the University of Oulu and Savonia University of Applied Sciences. 2) The aim is to strengthen the vitality, attraction and economic life in the areas through developing lighting expertise and research, business models, lighting related events, and nocturnal urban environment. In the project, a strong cross-region cooperation will be conducted with the cities (Oulu, Raahe, Nivala, Kuopio, Iisalmi ja Varkaus) and lighting related companies within the target areas. This co operation benefits from the wide expertise of lighting education and research and urban development of the Oulu School of Architecture and the Savonias know-how about business model development and service design.

As a result, the institutions will gain permanent facilities to educate lighting designers and to conduct lighting research. This enables further education export and increases the amount of lighting design professionals. During the project, the professionals from various creative and design fields will participate in the multi-form education. The companies in the lighting related fields (creative fields, lighting fixture manufacturing, intelligent lighting technologies, events and travel) will have better conditions for operation and internationalization through the education, networking, and innovative, service-based business models. The project increases vitality and strengthens the image of the northern areas. The education increases the application of intelligent lighting which reduces the energy-consumption and light pollution. Additionnally, through the education, the quality of illuminated environments will improve, which will increase well-being. In the long run, these effects will multiply as the expertise and beneficial operation models will spread.
PartnersOulun yliopisto, Arkkitehtuurin yksikkö
Funded byESR Flat Rate 2014-2020