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Project Information
NameSales process enhancement for industry
ContactJari Niemelä
DescriptionThe industry has conducted research on the difficulties and barriers to the success and international growth of its member companies. Sales and sales expertise that adds value to the customer are perceived as a skills gap among the staff of industrial companies. The project mainly targets companies operating in industry in an international operating environment with their subcontracting networks. The goal of the project "Supporting Industrial Growth by Developing the Sales Process" is to increase the sales activities of industrial companies at the levels of the entire organization through training to match the customer experience in the global market in line with the strategy. Students come from jobs related to sales and customer process management in employer companies and want to develop their skills related to sales process management. Sales as part of customer relationship management is targeted to become basic skills of the employees of the entire organization. The use and utilization of the company's information management systems as part of the student's daily work becomes a part of the daily work. Studies are implemented by phased themed training modules and close supervision to transform the student's applied knowledge into practical activities in a new way. After the project trainings, learners will have the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and systems to generate genuine customer-experienced added value for their customers through sales activities.
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