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NameStudents promoting employment opportunities with the staff of Universities of Applied Sciences
ContactJohanna Lehtonen
DescriptionThe employment opportunities of students and the support they can get varies a great deal depending on their field of study, location and so on. Some students looking for support cannot find any.

Therefore, it is important to find ways to support the participation of students and to discover new ways to enter the job market during their studies. Student unions and university staff will have to work closely together to find appropriate means of supporting students and ways to present their expertise.

The goal of this project is to support the employment of students in cooperation with the students and staff of six Universities of Applied Sciences. This will include strengthening the role of students in supporting employment and developing common criteria to present the expertise of students to employers.

Based on the students´ own wishes and needs this project will introduce new practices such as student employment services, the job search clinic, competence indicators or open badges and new ways to support entrepreneurship. Students have a strong role in planning and implementing these practices, for example by coaching other students.

During the project all Universities of Applied Sciences will organize joint development days for students and staff where the university staff and student unions will network with each other, reflect on their roles and responsibilities in promoting employment and plan future cooperation between student unions.
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